Hellwell - Beyond the Boundaries of Sin (2012) [He

Genre: Heavy/Progressive/Doom Metal
Origin: (USA, Kansas)
Lyrics: Horror Literature, Serial Killers
Year Of Creation: 2011
· Johnny "Thumper" Benson Drums, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
· E. C. Hellwell Keyboards, Bass (2011-present)
· Mark "The Shark" Shelton Vocals (lead), Guitars (2011-present) See also: Manilla Road
01. The Strange Case of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes 04:52
02. Eaters of the Dead 06:03
03. Keepers of the Devils Inn 06:10
04. Deadly Nightshade 05:22
05. Acheronomicon I. Tomb of the Unnamed One 05:53
06. Acheronomicon II. The Heart of Ahriman 05:30
07. Acheronomicon III. End of Days 13:41
Total Time: 47:31
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Hellwell - Beyond the Boundaries of Sin (2012) [He
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