Loch Vostok - V: The Doctrine Decoded (2012)

Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal
Origin:  (Sweden)
Lyrics: Life, Philosophy, Madness, Darkness, Anti-religion
Active Since: 2001
Niklas Kupper Guitars, Vocals (2001-2010), Guitars (2011-present) See also: ex-Searing I
Teddy Möller Vocals, Guitars (2001-present) See also: F.K.Ü., Wuthering Heights, ex-Flagellation, ex-Mayadome, ex-Tradore, ex-Vivaldis Disciples, ex-Mellow Poetry, Anima Morte, The Hidden, ex-Detained (live)
Fredrik Klingwall Keyboards (2005-present) See also: ex-Flagellation, ex-Machinery, Anima Morte, ex-In Grey
Jimmy Mattsson Bass (2010-present) See also: Isole (live), ex-AutumnMoon, ex-Planet Rain
Lawrence Dinamarca Drums (2010-present) See also: Bleeding Utopia, ex-Astral Carneval
01. Seeker 05:35
02. A Tale of Two Kings 05:10
03. Syndrome of Self 04:30
04. Citizen Cain 05:50
05. Twilight of the Dogs 06:04
06.   Inflict Chaos   04:39
07. Regicide 03:52
08. Claime the Throne 04:36
09. Ravenous 04:28
10. Common Ground 04:39
11. Beyond the Obvious 07:15
Total Time: 56:38
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Loch Vostok - V: The Doctrine Decoded (2012)
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