Code For Silence - Eyes World Shut (2012)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin:  (Finland)
Lyrics: Life
Active Since: 2006
Petteri Kattainen Bass See also: Beyond the Dream, ex-Blood-Stained
Rolf Pilve Drums See also: Amoth, Full Scale Conflict, Megiddon, Random Eyes, Reversion, Solution .45, Status Minor, Stratovarius, The Magnificent,Samuli Federley (live), Division of the Spoils, ex-Essence of Sorrow, ex-Beyond the Dream, ex-Dreamtale, ex-Miseration, ex-Sightless, ex-Astral Sleep (live)
Anssi Komi Guitars, keyboards See also: Misery of Insomnia, ex-My Dawn
Teemu Liekkala Guitars, keyboards See also: Beyond the Dream, Manufacturer's Pride
Tony Kaikkonen Vocals See also: Bone 5, Dark Days Ahead
Antti Ström Vocals See also: Blood-Stained, No Sign of Life
01. Rose Blooms in Bloodred04:13
02. Flashbacking One Night Stand
03. Death Bringer
04. Brothers
05. The Art of Being a Coward
06. Eye For an Eye04:29
07. Neo-Synchronized Capone Dance
08. Release the Hounds
09. Deathrace
10. On the Streets of a Sleeping City
Total Time: 48:52
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Code For Silence - Eyes World Shut (2012)
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