Revocation - Teratogenesis [EP] (2012)

Genre: Technical Death/Thrash
Origin: (USA)
Lyrics: War, Chaos, Pestilence
Year Of Creation: 2002
Dan Gargiulo Guitars, Vocals See also: Artificial Brain, ex-Cyanide Breed
Phil Dubois-Coyne Drums (2006-present) See also: ex-Random Acts of Violence, ex-Cormid, ex-Cryptic Warning, Hot On The Heels, ex-Ravage
David Davidson Guitars, Vocals (2006-present) See also: ex-Cormid, ex-Cryptic Warning, Hot On The Heels
Brett Bramberger Bass (2012-present) See also: ex-The Binary Code (live)
01. The Grip Tightens 04:10
02. Spurn the Outstretched Hand 04:07
03. Maniacally Unleashed 03:41
04. Teratogenesis 04:06
05. Bound by Desire 05:34
Total Time: 21:38
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Revocation - Teratogenesis [EP] (2012)
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Year Of Creation: 2002
orales @Mael gracias x el disco
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