Malice - New Breed Of Godz (2012) [Heavy Metal]

Genre: Heavy Metal/Power/Speed Metal
Origin: USA
Lyrics: Violence, War, Metal
·Jay Reynolds Guitars (1981-1988, 2006-present) See also: ex-Neverland, ex-Megadeth, ex-Metal Church
·Mick Zane Guitars (1984-1988, 2006-present) See also: ex-Monster
·Pete Holmes Drums (2006-present) See also: Black Symphony, WWIII, ex-Monster, ex-Wild Dogs
·James Rivera Vocals (2010-present) See also: Helstar, Killing Machine, Distant Thunder, ex-Destiny's End, ex-Thrasher, ex-Vigilante, ex-New Eden, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Vicious Rumors, ex-Flotsam and Jetsam (live), ex-Bad Heaven, ex-Chaotic Order, ex-Daggers Edge, ex-Agent Steel (live), ex-Malakis Reign
·Robert Cardenas Bass (2011-present) See also: Coffin Texts, Engrave, ex-Entety, ex-Agent Steel, ex-Diabolic, ex-Saprophagous, ex-Possessed (live)

01. New Breed of Godz 05:24
02. Hell Rider 04:17
03. Against the Empire 04:32
04.   Branded   04:56
05. Sinister Double 04:39
06. Circle of Fire 04:03
07. Stellar Masters 04:08
08. Winds of Death (Angel of Light) 06:09
09. Air Attack 03:12
10. Chain Gang Woman 04:14
11. Slipping Through the Cracks 05:18
12.   Godz of Thunder   04:23
Total Time: 55:15
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Malice - New Breed Of Godz (2012) [Heavy Metal]
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