ZZ TOP La Futura

ZZ TOP La Futura 

Genre: Blues Rock, Hard Rock
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01. I Gotsta Get Paid
02. Chartreuse
03. Consumption
04. c
05. Heartache in Blue
06. I Don t Wanna Lose, Lose, You
07. Flyin High
08. It s Too Easy MaA?A±ana
09. Big Shiny Nine
10. Have a Little Mercy

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?A lot of producers would have the drummer come in on Monday, then they?d call the bass player in on Tuesday, the guitar player would show up on Wednesday and maybe the singer on Thursday," says ZZ Top guitar king Billy Gibbons. "When we got together with Rick Rubin, he said, 'My idea of ZZ Top is three guys playing together at the same time with the red light turned on.? That sounded just right to us."
And so it was that for their forthcoming album, La Futura, their first full-length since 2003's Mescalero, that the "little ol' band from Texas" hooked up with the maverick producer. Gibbons and Rubin had rubbed shoulders before ? their first meeting occurred 25 years ago during a rave at Knott's Berry Farm. Rubin had expressed interest in working with the trio over the years, but what sealed the deal, according to Gibbons, was when the producer said, ?Hey man, I don?t have to rewire ZZ Top. My job is to make you guys work, work and work.? And we said, ?Superb.? What Rick didn?t know was, that was music to our ears, because that?s what we enjoy doing the most.?
The recording process, which Gibbons admits was a "protracted affair," spread out over a nearly four-year period (during which time the band frequently broke for touring). The first session was an experimental jam in Los Angeles. "We weren?t writing or recording," says Gibbons. "This was Rick and a couple of engineers sitting behind the glass observing ZZ Top having fun. It was enough for Rick to start seeing the dynamic with the two other band members he didn?t really know."
Formal recording dates started later, at Shangri La Studios in Malibu, a facility close enough to Rubin's house that he could walk to it. "We still played as a band, and we got a chance to jam ? the spirit was the same as it was when we started," says Gibbons. "Rick wanted us to work hard, but he placed an emphasis on us being casual and having a good time. And I found out that one of his high cards is patience. He was in no hurry to run the risk of having something half-baked. His attitude was, ?It?s gonna take as long as it takes until it?s right.??

ZZ TOP La Futura

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Bueno, no esperes muchos comentarios, debido a que esto ya se posteo... pero comento, primero gracias por tomarte el tiempo de compartir esto, segundo: el disco esta bueno, I GOTSTA GET PAID tiene influencia hip hop y esta hecha para pegar y lo consigue muy bien; luego omitimos 2 canciones y de la pista 5 a la 9 tenemos el ZZ top que todos conocemos, roar roar (sonido de motor) ZagrdZ...
lo malo: dices que las pistas est?
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