Dreamlore Discografia (Mediafire)

2003 - Negative Specter
1.Portal of new darkness   
2.The enemy   
3.Future winters      
4.Dawn of the night   
6.Winter Solstice   
7.Ritual Denied   
8.Death´s Sonnet      
9.Negative Specter

2006 - Symbolic + Dreamlore Split The Artificial Acts of Madness
1.Prelude to the Dark Abyss      
2.Flicker in the Candlelight      
3.Death Omen      
4.Shadows of Temptation      
5.Running Out      
6.Pleasures of Ego

2008 - Black Plague Possessed
1.Black Plague Possessed   
2.Avatar of Misery   
3.Silent Assassin   
4.Eve of Armageddon
6.Invoking the dead back to life   
8.Suicide Angel   
9.Death by Corrosion      
10.The enemy      
11.Death omen

Dreamlore Discografia (Mediafire)
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