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[Guide] L2Walker IG 2.17 Gracia Epilogue!

Sorry for my English, is why I am Brazilian ...

First you'll need to download the system edit Gracia Epilogue.

system Edit Gracia Epilogue Protocol Version 146 -- http://www.mediafire.com/?r2zzodkdzgz

NOTE: If the end of the tutorial you try to log into the server together with L2Walker, and a message appears like the image below, you can use another system that has Protocol Version 152. Just make the downlode it instead of another system that has the Tutorial.

system Edit Gracia Epilogue Protocol Version 152 -- http://www.mediafire.com/?muj2yzujzty

To avoid future Critical Error, do the following process before deleting the server system you play: Go to the system server you play, and copy all the files have the extension. DAT, then paste them into the system you downloaded here on the forum, also copy the L2.ini and leave him in a separate folder, we will need it more forward, to get the IP of the server.

Note: Do not copy L2.ini to edit within the system that you downloaded, as otherwise the tutorial will be in vain!

With the track already edited system files with DAT's, just place it inside the folder of your client Gracia Epilogue.

Now make the configuration of the Microsoft Loopback Adapter.

In Windows 7 to start the installation of Micosoft Loopback Adapter:

Go to Control Panel and click the Device Manager Menu then see in the image below as you begin installation:

In Windows XP to start installing the Micosoft Loopback Adapter:

Go to the Start Menu and then go to Control Panel, click Add Hardware.

Will open a window like the image below, then click Next.

Wait for the wizard to do the search for Hardware.

Once the wizard has finished searching, select the image below shows the same.

On this screen select the image below shows the same.

On this screen select the image below shows the same.

On this screen select the Network Adapters.

See the image below the options that should be selected.

On this screen click Next.

To finish installing the Microsoft Loopback click finish.

Still in Control Panel, now click Network Connections, will open a window like the image below, showing your internet connection and connecting the loopback.

Select the Loopback, and click the right button to access the properties as soon as the opening screen, click the options of TCP / IP.

Let the options equals the image below and click on OK, wait for the settings are applied.

Adapter settings are completed.

Now download the hosts file: http://www.4shared.com/file/134416641/2d222af9/Hosts_IG_217.html

Once downloaded unzip the file and add the following path on your PC: C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc.


Configuring TCP tunnel:

NOTE: Now we need to get the IP of the server. We will use the L2.ini you saved back. You also need the L2INI Editor, which can be downloaded from the link below: http://www.4shared.com/file/134419427/c9fcec72/L2_ini_Editor.html

L2.ini downloaded the editor, put it L2.ini and in the same folder. Click the L2INI Editor, will soon open L2.ini, copy the server IP that is in ServerAddr L2INI and then close the editor.

Agora faça download do TCPTunell: http://www.4shared.com/file/134424447/2a6ce9f9/tcptunnel.html

Once downloaded unzip and click the right button on the forward.BAT and select EDIT. Once you open the notepad and delete the IP ADD IP server you play. Close forward.BAT.

Using L2Walker IG 2.17:

Now you'll have to download the IG L2Walker 2.17 .



Once downloaded, unzip it in some directory.

Before continuing, open the folder that is in date L2Walker folder, and copy the files that are there, and paste inside the GameGuard folder, located inside the system folder of the server you play!

Well, now let's make L2Walker work and be cracked.

Navigate to the folder and run the tcptunel forward.BAT, leave it minimized.

Replace the folder L2Walker IG 2.17 and run the L2Walker.exe, just open the L2Walker screen, the picture below you can the area that is circled, just click on the folder symbol and set the path that is in the system L2.exe server you play. Remember to check the option Disable Game Guard, then click on RUN the L2Walker.

Login normally already in the game press the Home key on your keyboard to open the screen IG L2Walker 2.17, go to Menu Other Crtl and see if you like the image below if you are, your L2Walker logged in and ready to use !!!

Important detail:

Many people have difficulty with the IG L2Walker Epilogue Gracia server, it is necessary to make a change in the parameters, so the BOT can upload normally without taking BAN and be kicked from the server. To rectify this, you can use the tip below:

Inside the game with the IG L2Walker open, go to Menu Policy, and then let shows like the image below.

Note: Start at 50000, and put the BOT to attack, if they get disconnect or BAN, will lowering the value of 10000 to 10000!!!


I hope this tutorial will be useful for you!!![Guide] L2Walker IG 2.17 Gracia Epilogue!
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